US National Dishes Chekago

In fact, US national dishes are much more diverse

and in almost every state there are several original culinary masterpieces that are worth getting to know better. We have compiled for you a list of American dishes that will surprise and delight you with taste.


A thick fish soup with an Italian name, oddly enough, is not known in Italy. And all because it was invented by Italian and Portuguese fishermen who settled in the San Francisco area in the 19th century. They cooked such a soup on the day of the catch, right on the fishing boats, from the remains of unsold fish and vegetables. The dish became popular in 1850, when Giuseppe Bazzuro, an immigrant from Genoa, included cioppino on the menu of his restaurant. Over time, delicacies (crabs, scallops, squids) were added to the recipe and they began to serve it with fresh rustic bread and wine.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

And these are not oysters at all, but a dish of testicles of young gobies or rams. The idea of ​​eating animal testicles seems not quite familiar, but gourmets say that they taste like beef kidneys, only with a delicate and delicate taste. And yet such a delicate product is considered the strongest aphrodisiac for men. In the US, bull testicles are breaded in flour and spices and fried, and served with sauce as an appetizer. In appearance, the dish really slightly resembles oysters.

lime pie

The favorite dessert of many Americans first appeared in Florida. Many limes grow in those parts, so it is logical that this particular citrus has become a common filling for sweet pastries. It is now the legally approved official pie for the state of Florida. It is prepared very simply – the base is made of cookie crumbs and butter, and a delicate and airy mixture of lime juice and zest, condensed milk and eggs is laid out on top. The dessert turns out to be very tasty, with a fresh and unusual taste and pleasant sourness.

Corn dumplings “hashpappi”

One of Virginia’s favorites is hashpappi cornballs. The roots of this dish come from the cuisine of the indigenous population of North America. Corn fried bread has been an integral part of the culinary traditions of many Indian tribes. And the name “hashpappi” according to one of the legends is due to the fact that during the war between the North and the South, the Confederates used pieces of cornbread to divert the attention of their dogs and quietly get close to the enemy. Now deep-fried cornmeal balls are served with seafood, fish and chicken as a side dish.

Meat Pie Old-Fashioned Meat Loaf

this is an old-fashioned meat casserole, in which, in addition to meat (chopped or minced), there is also rice or other cereals, vegetables, bread crumbs. This casserole was invented during the difficult times of the Great Depression of the 30s of the last century, when meat was very expensive and in order to feed more people, cereals, vegetables and other ingredients were added to the meat pie. However, the old (more than 100 years old) casserole, sometimes called “Meatloaf”, has become an American classic and is now very popular throughout the country.

clam chowder

New England Clam Chowder has an ancient history, as these seafood soups have been popular in New England since the 16th century. Chowder in the US is a shell-and-broth soup with tomato or milk, while Clam is the general name for any edible shellfish. New England Clam Chowder is made with potatoes, garlic, onion and celery, toasted bacon, shellfish and thickened with cream. The New England version is prepared exclusively with milk or cream, never with tomatoes. Sometimes this option is called Boston.