Mexican restaurant “Villa Nachos”

Restaurant of national Mexican cuisine “Villa Nachos” for 80 seats.

His work is organized on raw materials and semi-finished products. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of a residential building on an area of ​​300 sq.m along the Naugorskoe highway.

The menu of the Mexican restaurant will feature both well-known traditional dishes and original dishes prepared according to the recipes and with the help of the art of the national Mexican cuisine chef. The main principle is the highest quality and variety.

Mexican restaurant “Villa Nachos” will provide the following types of additional services:

  • organization and holding of holidays, banquets, anniversaries, celebrations and other events;
  • ordering goods by phone and delivering them to your home;
  • catering services.

The restaurant hall is decorated in a modern style with light interchangeable parts that correspond to the architectural features of the interior and the type of enterprise.

The target audience of this institution are people from about 20 to 45 years old. The work of the enterprise will be organized in such a way that daytime visitors (until 19 o’clock) of the institution are mostly not working or working without a strict regime: they are mostly women (who often come with children), as well as students and other young people from wealthy strata of the population or those with above average income. In the evenings, business representatives are added to this audience to a large extent.

The designed restaurant is open from 12-00 to 2-00. Service in the restaurant is carried out by waiters. Payment for the released products is made in cash and by credit cards according to the bill presented by the waiter. The number of visitors, based on the statistical turnover of places at catering establishments, is 160 people per day.

For the created restaurant of Mexican cuisine, a private form of ownership was chosen, and as an organizational and legal form – a Limited Liability Company, this is one of the most popular forms of business companies.

After summarizing the results, it becomes clear that the project is profitable. Despite the one-time funds spent on equipping the restaurant with the necessary inventory and equipment, rather high monthly fixed costs for rent, purchase of necessary products, utility bills and staff salaries, after 7 quarters the company will recoup its costs and begin to make a profit, which will appear at the end of the second quarter. year of operation of the enterprise and will amount to more than 300,000 rubles. And by the end of the analyzed period, then in the 3rd year the profit will increase several times.

For several years, the restaurant market has seen trends in unification and specialization; the time for frequent menu changes is over. A lot of attention in restaurants is paid to reducing the amount of waste, reducing the cost of a wide range of products needed to prepare a variety of dishes. This cannot but affect the work of chefs: the traditional requirements for them – creativity and culinary skills – are supplemented by the stability of the kitchen, the ability to standardize the composition and quality of dishes. In this regard, customers are offered solutions that allow them to get rid of a number of production operations, reduce energy costs, product write-offs, etc.