The main feature of Mexican cuisine is spiciness

For tourists from other countries, Mexico seems to be a country of contrasts, bright and unusual.

Mexican cuisine has its own characteristics and traditions. For example, maize, the corn familiar to us, has become a landmark culture for the state, a symbol of fertility and prosperity.
Mexican bread, tortillas are made from cornmeal. Ripe corn grains are added to the first and second courses. Even desserts are not complete without this traditional ingredient. The second most important product in Mexico is beans. Soups, cereals and side dishes are prepared from it. Crowning the list of favorites in Mexican cuisine is the chili, a traditional hot pepper eaten fresh, dried, smoked, boiled and fried. In any form, hot peppers give dishes a piquancy that foreigners and locals like so much.

Mexican Cuisine: History and Traditions

The history of Mexican cuisine originates in the traditions of the Indians who lived on the mainland before the Spanish colonization. The basis of modern recipes included products that were grown by the Maya. These are corn, legumes, melons, peppers. Aztecs supplemented vegetables with sources of animal proteins: shrimp, insects, poultry meat.
After the invasion of the conquistadors, new types of meat appeared in the country: beef, pork and lamb. Wine, vinegar and cheese came from Europe to Mexico. Mexican cuisine is based on the food traditions of several continents. This is where the unusual flavor of the recipes comes from, thanks to which they are appreciated all over the world. Vegetables and fruits, which are actively used fresh and stewed, make the cuisine of the Mexican people rich in vitamins and minerals, and the presence of hot and sweet sauces, with which most products are served, are spicy and juicy.

The basis of the basics – corn tortillas

In addition to traditional cornmeal tortillas, other types of tortillas are served in Mexico. Among them are juicy tacos and burritos and their varieties: chimichanga and enchilados. A variety of ingredients are wrapped in cakes: meat, minced meat, vegetables, cheese, spices. Before serving, Mexicans generously flavor the tortillas with sauces: salsa, tabasco and lecho.

First courses – nowhere spicier

The main feature of Mexican cuisine – spiciness – is most pronounced in soups. Europeans try them for the first time with great care. Out of habit, you can get a real gastronomic shock. Here are some recipes.
Sopa de sabola. Spicy onion soup in chicken broth with cream, flour, cheese, eggs and butter.
Sopa de tortilla. Spicy soup with tomatoes, black pepper, cilantro and fried onions. Before serving, grated cheese and pieces of tortilla, as well as avocados, are placed in the broth.
Sopa de veracruz. Mexican first course of fish with tomatoes, corn, garlic and chili. Hearty ear is decorated with fresh herbs.

Second courses with hot pepper

Mexicans believe that the best second course is a hot tortilla with a fragrant filling. Therefore, this ingredient is always on the table. And add snacks to it.
Chile con carne. Beans stewed with meat and onions in tomato sauce. Cocoa and lime become the decoration of this product.
Guacamole. A traditional dish of tomatoes, avocados, onions, cilantro, limes and chilies, topped with pear and apple slices or ripe grapes.

Quesadilla. Chicken meat stewed with eggplant and tomatoes. Hot peppers and juicy greens give color to the product.
Refreshing drinks and alcohol
Rice flour is used to make a refreshing horchata that is similar in color and flavor to milk. Mexicans also drink freshly squeezed juices, including exotic ones like black tamarind. Cold hamayka tea from plant inflorescences is drunk in the heat.

The most famous alcohol in the country is Mexican tequila. All over the world it is stubbornly called cactus vodka, meanwhile it is made from blue agave. Interestingly, it was the Europeans who came up with the idea of ​​drinking tequila with lemon and salt. This tradition does not exist in Mexico. Various types of beer are also popular in the country. Celada is served with lemon juice and salt, while michelada is served with chili.

Where to try Mexican food?

Simple, hearty and savory, Mexican cuisine quickly spread around the world. Anyone can feel the whole range of juicy tastes and aromas without ever having been to Mexico. The CaterMe service will become an assistant in ordering food for a Mexican party. Leave a request on the site, choose a catering company and try snacks and soups without leaving your home.