Numerous stalls and kiosks with a variety of treats give a kind of national flavor and make the cities an additional attraction among tourists.

But only a few of them can be proud of truly excellent street food. For example, Mexico. If you come to spend your vacation here, we highly recommend: skip breakfast, lunch or dinner at the comfortable hotel restaurant, and go out into the streets and be sure to try authentic and incredibly delicious Mexican street food. In addition, street food in Mexico is excellent value for money!

To finally convince readers of this, we present a selection of appetizers from Mexican cuisine. Quesadillas, tacos and tostadas are just a few of the must try things in this country.


Let’s start with quesadillas, which are rolled tortillas filled with cheese and then fried. But it is quite rare to find them in street stalls in this form. Most often, a huge variety of toppings are offered, which are always delicious!

Some popular combinations include mushrooms and garlic, as well as chorizo ​​and cheese, but meat fillings are also popular. Another key feature of quesadillas is that they are quite crunchy as the dough is specially fried to achieve the desired effect.


Tacos are a famous dish, great for a quick snack. There are many different types – including a large number of vegetarian options. Thus, you will definitely choose what suits you, regardless of your tastes.

The most popular toppings for tacos are fish, meat or vegetables with salsa and coriander. All this is wrapped in a flat tortilla. Tacos de quiisado contain stew, while tacos al carbon are made with grilled meat.


Enchiladas are a traditional Mexican street food dish. Most often sold in street food stalls. Used as in most dishes, tortillas are the key ingredient. In this case, they are filled with chicken or cheese, with the addition of salsa sauce.
Enchiladas can be either fried or baked and are usually served as a main course rather than an appetizer.


If you like crispy tortillas, tostados are the perfect dish. The tortillas are fried or baked before cooking. Once they are cool and hard, they can be topped with a range of ingredients.

Tortillas are cooked this way because they can provide a stable base for a wide variety of toppings. It is recommended to use a combination of meat, beans and shredded lettuce known as tostadas de pollo.


Tamales is one of the kings of Mexican street food. There are many different types, from spicy varieties to downright sweet. Tamal is a kind of stuffed pastry made from grains, with stew or fish. However, the difference between tamales of different areas is quite huge.

For example, Oaxaca is famous for tamales, which are wrapped in banana leaves. Each region of Mexico has its own way of cooking and a special unique recipe.