Facts about Chicago

Chicago is a rather interesting and stylish city in the USA with its own special atmosphere

the economic and cultural capital of the Midwest, the second largest financial center in America after New York. Travelers from all over the world come to Chicago to enjoy its unique architecture, see the sights – the skyscraper district, beautiful gardens and parks with fountains, go to museums and theaters, get acquainted with the history of the Chicago mafia and feel the unique style of the old city. We visited Chicago after Philadelphia and collected the main facts about this city that tourists would like to know before the trip – the most interesting and important information about the city and our useful recommendations.

Curiously, according to Wikipedia, the name of Chicago is the French modified word shikaakwa from the language of the local Indians of Miami-Illinois, which means wild onion or garlic.

Kitchen features

Local cuisine is a mixture of culinary traditions from many countries. You will be able to taste Mexican, Irish and even old Indian dishes. Famous for hot dogs. There are even competitions for eating sausages in the dough.

If you want to try the local food, stop by the stuffed corn tortilla. It resembles Italian pizza, but it has a different taste. Steaks are the city’s favorite food. Meat is served in different versions in all catering establishments. Don’t miss a chance.


In Chicago, both in the city center and in its suburbs, the choice of restaurants is simply huge. And here you can find establishments specializing in almost any cuisine of the world: Japanese and Thai, Spanish and Irish, Indian and Greek, Jewish and Arabic. In addition, as you know, the United States is the birthplace of fast food restaurants that offer a bite to eat all kinds of hamburgers and sandwiches, so it is not surprising that Chicago is replete with similar eateries (Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, etc.). In addition, Italian meat and closed pizza, as well as hot hot dogs sold on the streets, are considered typical Chicago food. And in restaurants specializing in national American cuisine, most often you can try roast beef with blood, steak, stuffed turkey, pork ribs and vegetable salads. It is also worth trying one of the many desserts: chocolate cake, brownie (chocolate cake), cheesecake, muffin (small cupcake), etc.

Among the drinks here, the most popular is coffee with a lot of sugar and cream, and sometimes even with Coca-Cola. Sodas and iced teas are also common. From alcohol, you can most often find California wines, whiskey, bourbon, rum, and rather specific American beer (Budweiser, Philadelphia’s Yuengling, Miller, Anchor Steam, Fat Tire, etc.).

You can choose ready-made food not only in cafes and restaurants, but also in supermarkets, for example, in the Whole Foods chain – organic food stores. Here you can also conduct a tasting before buying and choose only what you really liked the most.